Fantastic mashup

This mix makes you feel awesome. Use Somebody was bound to have remixes made, and I’m glad this is one of them. My opinion of Use Somebody’s structure is very similar to Pitchfork’s analysis of Passion Pit’s album, Manners. It describes Manners as being very American with its major tonalities and its extrovertedness. After all, KOL only use chords: F, C, G, and Am in the song but they still manage to make it pop. I agree with that assessment of the album, by the way; and to be honest, despite Pitchfork’s slight criticism in their observations, Manners was blasting in my car this entire summer because of its “Americanness.”

Having said that I must say that I wonder how much of a future complex music has with the general public. Use Somebody, along with a couple of Lady GaGa songs are probably the only songs off the radio that I can stand. (More on Lady GaGa at some point in the future- she’s crazy but I respect her style) With the excessive use auto-tune and the derivative nature of almost all pop rock, there just seems to be little hope. I only say this because 2009 was probably the best year in music of my lifetime and I don’t think it got enough love. More on that in the future. As a matter of fact, I may spend all of 2010 talking about how great the music was the year before. I’m kidding, but hopefully you get my point. Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Passion Pit, Phoenix, Grizzly Bear, etc; these are reasons enough for calling this the best year in music, but the list goes on…

To get back to my worry about pop music, check this out and imagine what you think a neighborhood of pop music buildings would look like versus a neighborhood of indie music buildings. I think questions like this are where music snobs are born. Maybe we should put TV on the radio. My late night rambling ends…now.


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  1. AB

    word at the gaga love

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