No Way Through

I wonder if you could shoot this with a Flip camera…

Really, Paul? Is that your first reaction to this video?

No, but the reason I watched this video in the first place was after watching this interview with Quentin Tarantino, I wanted to see what was the new up and coming talent; so I typed in film winner to Youtube. Tarantino is obnoxious, but what he said was true. There may be many people out there who call themselves film makers and have accessible editing technology, but if you make a film that elicits as strong emotions as this, then there is always going to be an audience. No Way Through is definitely moving and disturbing. It won this year’s Ctrl Alt Shift Film Competition.

It’s sad how much stronger art hits you when you put white skin and western clothes on the subject. It’s almost like you can’t fully empathize with a human’s condition unless said humans are of similar culture, because when that isn’t the case it becomes easy to dismiss it as cultural, religious, or just “them.” My boy- one of the best thinkers out there today, Dan Carlin, talks about this with our handling of drone warfare in Pakistan. I’m not going to get into it, but you should check that out if your interested. He’s a good person to listen to if you want to be educated (or sound educated when you talk to other people) on issues in America and around the world. The podcast that I’m referring to is called Droning on about Pakistan. Carlin’s neither left nor right, he actually prides himself on being a “neo-prudentist” in the center. Check it out.


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