Music Theory

Hank Moody: So you just hear one take and that’s it?
Lou Ashby: What I hear, I speak, I move on, that’s my job
Hank: Right. So you just operate on pure instinct?
Lou: What the fuck else is there?
Hank: I don’t know, intellect? technique? Someone like Warren Zevon for example…
Lou: Hey, hey, hey, Warren Zevon could sit down and talk 12 tone theory with Stravinsky. Half the cock bags that come through here can barely play their own instruments…

Yes, I watch Californication way too much. For those of you who haven’t seen this scene before, Hank is writing Lou’s biography and he is sitting in on one of Lou’s recording sessions. Ashby’s character, a music producer who has an amazing house, throws great parties, and is nostalgic over a now-taken former lover, parallels the character Jay Gatsby from Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. That is a cool aside, but the reason why I copied down the conversation is because of how it relates to the video above.

The Dirty Projectors represent, in my opinion, the optimal mix of pop and complexity. This video shows how much thought goes into their music production and it shows in their finished product. There’s something very appealing about the intellectual side of this band. Interesting stuff indeed.


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