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John Mayer comes off as very conceited. In this interview however…nope, just kidding, he still comes off as very arrogant. There are two very interesting things about John Mayer in the clip though. The first thing is that you can notice his interesting relation to Derek Trucks. I love The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but let’s be honest, Frusciante does not belong in that video. The two other guys are miles ahead of him as far as musicianship is concerned.

So here we have John Mayer clearly acknowledging through some words, but mostly with overcompensating through his rhythm guitar phrasing, that Derek Trucks is amazing. The looks that he is throwing toward Derek as he’s playing may even make you suspect of something else. -Now I’m just being plain ridiculous-. Anyways John is acknowledging that Derek is an amazing guitar player, and instead of being like Frusciante, he just lays down a ridiculous ending to the solo that Derek has already perfected. It’s pretty hilarious, but since they are both amazing musicians, it works out for the best.

Now, the second thing about John Mayer, and the reason why I’m talking about him under a Sigur Ros video, is because of what he talks about about midway through the video. He says something to the effect of getting off when he sees people closing their eyes and trying to get to the same place that he is. Besides the seeming insignificance of that statement because we all know that has actually gotten off to the likes of her, her, and her, I see the same exact thing happening in the above video.

What makes this video so beautiful is how it’s a give and take of listeners and players. We can see how they are playing off of one another. It’s in their faces, in their posture, and somehow in our heads. When you closely examine this video, it seems like everyone in it is fully present- in how they are playing- yet it’s as if they are somewhere else at the same time. It’s easy to look at them and tell that they are focusing on something. I’m not exactly sure what it is and I don’t even know if I can know what it is. If I were to continue on this post would probably delve into the philosophy of mind, I’m undereducated to say the least. Even the “educated” people today with p.h.D’s in that field are undereducated because the mind is probably the most complex thing that we will ever encounter. I’m done for now I guess.

My next post will be a video that shows how awesome John Mayer’s music can be, so that you can better tolerate his ego and his most recent album, which is pretty awful.


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